Our History

  • 2009

    September 2009, the company was established, and committed to create the online bridge between all kind of investors and merchants.
  • 2010

    September 2010, China Merchants Website Project Management Cloud System (PMS) launched officially.
  • 2012

    February 2012, the third platform China Merchants Website launched, and 31 regional sub-station launched successively.
  • 2013

    June 2013, Zhangzhou branch was established. August 2013, the English version of China Merchants Website launched. November 2013, Tanikawa Property Co.Ltd was established and focused on industrial plant transaction services.
  • 2015

    March 2015, Beijing branch was established. April 2015, Qingdao branch was established. August 2015, Tanikawa Hi-tech Innovation Industry Base was completed. October 2015, Nanjing branch was established. December 2015, www.xuannaer.com launched officially. December 2015, Guangzhou branch was established.
  • 2016

    August 2016, the US branch entered the preparatory period. September 2016, Shanghai branch was established.
  • 2017

    February 2017, Xinjiang branch was established. March 2017, Jinan branch was established. March 2017, Xiamen branch was established.
How to contact us?
Email: china@tanikawa.com Mobile Phone:0086-21-68911976

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