China will improve the the protection of Intellectual Property Rights for Foreign-funded Enterprises

In recent years, China has continued to expand the foreign investment policy, optimize the business environment, remove some of the industry restrictions on foreign investment, and simplify the registration process for foreign companies, thereby attracting more foreign companies to enter the Chinese market. In order to allow investors to have a better investment experience in China, China will publish “Several Measures on Actively and Effectively Utilizing Foreign Capital to Promote High-quality Economic Development” in the near future, and global investors will obtain more advantages if they invest in china. Among them, the special emphasis was placed on intellectual property. Intellectual property protection has always been one of the “pain points” for Foreign-funded Enterprises investing in China. It is true that China’s previous protection of intellectual property rights was insufficient, and the Infringement intellectual property rights were not be effectively punished, causing companies to lose confidence in intellectual property rights. “Enhancing the protection of intellectual property rights is a matter of overall strategic significance, and it is vital for the development of the socialist market economy,” the Premier of the State Council,Li Keqiang said. It is the Chinese government’s view that the intellectual property protection system plays a significant role in promoting progress in science and technology, enriching culture and developing the economy. It functions both as an important institution ensuring the normal running of the socialist market economy and as one of the basic environments and conditions for conducting international exchange and cooperation in science, technology, economy and culture. China considers the protection of intellectual property an important part of its policy of reform and opening to the outside world and of the building of its socialist legal system. According to the “Several Measures”, China will continue to increase the protection of intellectual property rights in the future, greatly increase the statutory compensation limit for intellectual property rights infringement, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors. In response to the issue of technology transfer, the government has also made it clear that it must strictly implement that its commitment to China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and that the conditions for technical cooperation in the foreign investment process are negotiated by the investment parties. In addition, the “Several Measures” also proposes to further improve the working mechanism that be complained by Foreign-funded Enterprises, and promptly resolve the unfair treatment issues reflected by Foreign-funded Enterprises. The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Wang Shouwen said that the fundamental purpose of these measures is to creat a fair environment for Foreign-funded Enterprises, and let it to show in all aspects of the foreign investment, so that Foreign-funded Enterprises can feel the enjoyment of national treatment in China. “Foreign investors come to China, please don’t worry, your interests will be protected and you can develop in China for a long time.”
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