The average wage for manufacturing industry in China

To a certain extent, the Manufacturing Industry reflects the country’s productivity level. Recently, the “China and Global Manufacturing Competitiveness” report was released at the Boao Forum’s 2018 annual meeting. The report shows that since the beginning of this century, China has led the rapid changes in the global manufacturing landscape. With the rapid decline of market share in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany, the market share of emerging market countries such as China, India and Turkey has risen rapidly.
As the one of the most important factors, Tanikawa collected the average labor cost in 2017 for manufacturing industry in 10 cities in China.
Shanghai ¥4,330/month
Beijing ¥3,790/month
Shenzhen ¥4,220/month
Guangzhou ¥3,860/month
Hangzhou ¥4,590/month
Qingdao ¥3,940/month
Suzhou ¥4,380/month
Nanjing ¥3,850/month
Chengdu ¥3,640/month
Hefei ¥3,620/month
The national labor cost for manufacturing industry is ¥3,810/month.
(All of the data is from And The data is for reference only)
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