The Flow of setting up a company for Joint Venture

Joint Venture The requirement of establishment (1)Under the principle of equality and mutual benefit, foreign enterprises and other economic organizations or individuals shall organize joint ventures with Chinese companies, enterprises or other economic organizations in China. (2)In line with the national industrial policy of foreign-invested enterprises (3)In line with the the regulations on the establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures by relevant laws and regulations (4)The business scope of the company involves “Special Measures for Foreign Investment Access Management” The Flow of setting up a company (1)Check the name of the enterprise (2)Handling the approval certificate (3)Handling the Industrial and Commercial Business License (4)Handling the Organization Code Certificate (5)Handling the Foreign Exchange Registration and Bank Account (6)Handling the Tax Registration Material (1)Application for establishing a Joint Venture (Original) (2)Feasibility Study Report negotiated by all parties of the Joint Venture (3)Joint venture agreement, contract and articles of association signed by authorized representatives of the parties to the Joint Venture (4)A list of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Director of the Joint Venture appointed by the parties to the Joint Venture (5)Certificate of Bank Credit for Foreign Investors (Original) (6)Other documents stipulated by the Examination and Approval Authority
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