The Flow of setting up a company for Partnership Enterprise

The Flow of setting up a company for Partnership Enterprise The requirement of establishment The establishment of Chinese-foreign cooperative enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “cooperative enterprises”) in China shall comply with the state’s development policies and industrial policies and abide by the provisions of the State on guiding the direction of foreign investment. According to the provisions of “The Sino-foreign Cooperative Enterprises Law”, the cooperative enterprises encouraged by the State are: (1)The production cooperative enterprises that is engaged in product-exporting (2)Technologically advanced production cooperative enterprises The Flow of setting up a company (1)The Chinese partner submits relevant documents to the review and approval authorities (2)Examine and Approve (3)Industrial and Commercial Registration Material (1)The project proposal for establishing a cooperative company (2)The Feasibility Study Report that formulated by all parties involved in the cooperation (3)Cooperative enterprise agreements, contracts, regulations (4)Business licenses or registration certificates, certificates of credit, and valid certification documents of legal representatives of the all parties to the cooperation. If the foreign partner is a natural person, he shall provide a valid certification document concerning his status, resume and credit status. (5)The list of candidates for the Chairman, ViceChairman, Director, Deputy Director, and the members of the joint management committee of the cooperative company determined by the cooperation parties (6)Review other documents requested by the approval authority
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