The Flow of setting up a Representative Office

Representative Office The Flow of setting up a Representative Office (1)Handling the Business Registration Certificate and Chief Representative Certificate (2)Representative office seal (Public Seal, Chief Representative, Financial Chapter) (3)Handle Organization Code Certificate and IC Card (4)Handling Tax Registration (5)Handling Foreign Exchange Registration (6)Statistical Registration (7)Handling the Customs Registration Certificate Material (1)The Registration Application of Representative Office (2)Certification of a foreign company’s domicile and the proof of legal business that has been in existence for more than 2 years (3)The business charter or organization agreement of the foreign enterprise (4)Appointment documents for chief representatives and representatives from the foreign company (5)Chief Representative, Representative’s ID and Resume (6)The Credit Certificate issued by a financial institution that has business dealings with foreign companies (7)The Legal Use Certification of representative offices
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