What materials are required when establish Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises in China?

WFOE refers to the enterprise set up within Chinese territory with capital 100% owned by foreign investor(s). Tanikawa sorted out the bill of materials and the approval procedures required by setting up the Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises in China for overseas investors. Procedures for the establishment of wholly foreign-Owned Enterprises Procedures for the establishment of a wholly foreign-owned enterprise will vary according to the scope of application. The general procedure is as follows:
    1. Apply for company name verification
    2. Apply for Foreign Investment Approval
    3. Apply for foreign investment approval certificate
    4. Agency Company Business License
    5. Apply for Electronic Business License
    6. Office chapter, financial chapter, legal chapter
    7. Agency Certificate of Organization Code
    8. Agency code IC card
    9. Acting Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate
    10. Acting Foreign Exchange Registration IC Card
    11. Applying for foreign exchange business approval
    12. Handle the handbook for Foreign Exchange Management Regulations
    13. Apply for Tax Registration Form
    14. Handle the National Tax Registration Certificate
    15. Handle the Government Rent Registration Certificate
    16. Handle the Statistics Registration Certificate
    17. Handle the Financial Registration Certificate
Ⅱ The materials required for the establishment of the wholly foreign-owned enterprises
    1. Commitment Letter, the Power of Attorney for handling personnel and Copy of ID Card
    2. Establish the Application Form (Signature of Investor)
    3. Feasibility Analysis Report (including text and economic part, signed and sealed by the investor)
    4. (1) If the foreign investing party is a company, the opening certificate and the legal representative’s valid certification document (including the investor’s shareholder list, the list of the board of directors, the resolution of the board’s authorized signature) and the credit certificate (issued by the Issuing Bank) are required
      (2) If the foreign investor is a natural person, the copy of ID card and the Letter of Credit (by the Issuing Bank) are required.
    5. Copy of housing, Site Lease Agreement and Property Right Certificate
      Where the business scope involves the approval of other relevant  government departments, the relevant license documents shall be submitted together (such as hygiene, environmental protection, etc.)
    6. The Copy of the Approval Letter for the Name of Foreign-invested Enterprise (Processed by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau)
    7. A copy of the list of members of the Board of Directors (including Name, Title, Appointing Party, Tenure, Nationality, Identification Number, and Autograph), appointment of directors (signed and signed by the investor respectively), copy of all directors’ ID certificates;If without a board of directors, a copy of the delegating letter of the legal representative and the ID card is required
    8. Official Chinese text (signed by all investors)
    9. Other documents required by the examination and approval authority
List of required materials for establishment of a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise
    1. Application for registration of foreign-invested enterprise name (fixed form, one copy)
    2. Business Name Registration Form (fixed form, one copy)
    3. Registration Form for Environmental Protection Applications for Construction Projects (Fixed Form, in quintuplicate)
    4. Commission Contract + Notarization (fixed format, triplicate)
    5. Power of Attorney (in quadruplicate)
    6. Certificate of Parent Company Registration (copy, four copies)
    7. Certificate of Parent Company Credit (copy, four copies)
    8. The Balance Sheet of Parent Company for the last three years (copies, four copies)
    9. Application for the establishment of a foreign-funded enterprise in China (fixed form, in quadruplicate)
    10. Feasibility Study Report (in quadruplicate)
    11. Constitution (in quadruplicate)
    12. Land Contract or House Tenancy Agreement (copies, in quadruplicate)
    13. The Recommended instruments by the general manager and deputy general manager (fixed form, four copies)
    14. List of Board Members and Positive and Deputy General Managers (Fixed Form, in quadruplicate)
    15. Chairman registration form (fixed form, quadruplicate) + photo + passport copy (in quadruplicate)
    16. Resume of corporate leadership (fixed form, quadruplicate) + photo, copy of passport (in quadruplicate)
    17. Liaison Registration Form (fixed form, quadruplicate) + photo + the copy of ID card (in quadruplicate)
    18. Application Form for Registration of Foreign-Invested Enterprises (Fixed Form, in quadruplicate)
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